About US

CNC Mini Mills is qualified and eager to assist manufactures, job shops, contractors, and public! We ethically assist you in improving your CNC and manual machinery’s reliability; by providing quality services and solutions that are necessary and required to keep your machinery assets in excellent, readily useable, and precise operational condition. In addition we utilize rotary and laser engraving techniques to mark, identify, personalize materials and objects for industry and the public.

CNC Mini Mills is owned and operated by Brad Westenhover who is an experienced Leader with a passion for life long learning! A Vietnam Era veteran of the U. S. Navy, Industrial Engineer, Journeyman Machinist, Millwright, I&E Technician, and a Certified Change Management professional that has 39+ years experience of machining, maintenance, overhaul, and reliability of marine, power, pulp and paper industrial rotating machinery. The last 15+ years has been dedicated to the comprehensive, ethical, professional repair, maintenance, and reliability of industrial metal and wood working machinery.

We ask that you browse our website and contact us regarding your interest and requirements, with immediate or future service requirements!

Down Time Costs $$$ !
We can help you succeed !

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